Career and Personal Focusing


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


In keeping with the General Data Protection Regulations from May 25th 2018 Career and Personal Focusing CPF states clearly under the following headings its policy in relation to data protection.


Clients are informed at their first consultation for career exploration and focusing that a record of their personal data will be taken.  It includes the name and contact details of the client, previous educational achievements and areas of expressed career interests.


Why is CPF holding information on clients?


CPF is holding this information as clients tend to attend on average one to five consultations. The information stored assists both the client and the Career Guidance Counsellor in ensuring continuity of career exploration and progression to career decision making


How is consent obtained from clients?


At the first consultation the Career Guidance Counsellor explains to the client their rights under the GDPR 2018. The client is afforded time to  read the consent form and discuss any issues there in before indicating their written consent on the Consent Form.


Why the information was originally gathered from clients?


The information is gathered to assist the Career Guidance Counsellor in gaining a clear picture of the clients, educational achievements, career interests, career values and aptitudes. It ensures that the guidance counsellor is working from a comprehensive understanding of the client.


How long will it be retained for?


3-5 years


How secure is it, both in terms of encryption and accessibility?


Emails and reports are stored in a word protected PC. Hand written notes are stored in a secure filing cabinet in the office of CPF


Does CPF ever share client information with third parties and if so on what basis?


Information is not shared with other individuals or organisations. However information is shared with parents of clients under the age of 18 years if requested by either party.

How will a client retrieve their data?  A client may have a copy of their personal records on request.  within 20 working days. Clients will receive their data either electronically/hard copy or both depending on their request.  Similarly a client’s request to correct inaccuracies or to have information erased will be processed within 20 working days.