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Each person has a story to tell about their past experiences, present circumstance and future plans and dreams. In the current life style context people are continually busy and seem to have less time to listen and hear other's stories about their lives. The telling of the story or part of it is life giving in itself even though it may cover difficult times and circumstances. Telling and retelling one's story gives relief and provides an opportunity to engage with one's values, interests, strengths/limitations and achievements. Focusing is a gentle way of being present with something that needs attention in one’s own experiencing.

In the fields of Education and Education Management I place the uniqueness of the individual at the heart of the collective endeavors of the organisation.  Organisations also have their own traditions, culture and stories. The empowerment of the individual and organisations is greatly enhanced through a variety of ways of engaging in reflective practice and action research. Effective management is a combination of vision, leadership, initiative, effective communication skills, team work, creative approach to problem solving and emotional intelligence.